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Best Remoteproof - Spectrophotometer at Backoffice

Best Remoteproof - Spectrophotometer

This product is no longer available.
The Best Remoteproof concept enables you to communicate color electronically. Distance is insignificant, courier trips and tedious coordination become superfluous. This gives not only security, but also saves time and money - decisive factors in today's competitive environment. Best Remoteproof package contains everything you need to take precise readings from your proofs. The process involves both sender and receiver outputting a specially developed control strip when they print the proof. Using Best Eye (spectrophotometer) and Best Remote Control (comparison software), you can measure this control strip colorimetrically and compare the results - any inconsistencies are recorded as Delta-E values and compared with a pre-defined tolerance. Only proofs that lie within this tolerance and considered "correct". Best Remote Proof package includes Best Eye and Best Remote Control Software licenses 1 to 4.

Product DescriptionBest Remoteproof - spectrophotometer
Product TypeSpectrophotometer
SoftwareBest Remote Control


Product TypeSpectrophotometer


Software IncludedBest Remote Control